Life and pension

Build Your Safety Net

COVERAXIS can provide an array of options to protect your health and help sustain your earning ability to provide your family the financial safety they deserve during their retirement.

Life Insurance:

It can be difficult to know just how much life insurance you need; too little coverage could result in future financial stress for your family, and too much coverage can yield premium payments that restrict your current cash flow. Our goal is to make sure you have the right policy for today—and for the future.

Long Term Care Insurance

The right long-term care policy can provide peace of mind, ensuring you will be able to afford future care you may need living at home , in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home.

Borrower’s Insurance

Also known as Decreasing term insurance( DTA) policies are ideal for financial obligation coverage, i.e., a loan. The idea that the loan amount decreases over time allows for the complement of the decreasing term insurance.

The insurance policy is more affordable and renewable.A borrower’s insurance protects your loan in case of death and permanent incapacity and total loss of limbs or senses, in case of a disaster. Personal Pension Plan

Private pensions work similarly to workplace pensions but are set up by you rather than your employer. You can set up regular contributions (e.g. monthly) When you reach the age of 55, you can take your private pension as a lump sum, use it to buy an annuity (a guaranteed income) or leave it invested and take out cash amounts when you need to.